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Mike Spengler

President and Co- Founder

As the youngest of six children, Michael grew up in a household that valued both hard work and family unity. As with most large families, financial sacrifices were common in order to ensure each of the siblings were able to participate in the activity of their choosing. Hockey was already part of the family tradition when Michael was born and he naturally followed its path with his first strides at the age of three. Over the next 18 years, hockey helped shape his life experiences and character, culminating with a successful four year playing career at Bentley University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.


After finishing his collegiate playing career, Michael Spengler began to look back on his time spent in hockey with a fondness he had not before realized. He thought about the early mornings, the cold locker rooms, the encouragement bestowed upon him by his family, and the almost endless support of coaches and teammates that had helped shape him into the person he had become. It was with this notion that an overwhelming desire to give back to the game was discovered, and thus, RESTORE HOCKEY WAS BORN.


As Founder and President of Restore Sports, Inc, Michael draws on his entrepreneurial spirit and vast business management and operations experience to oversee the strategic objectives associated with delivering the organization’s mission to the community. He firmly believes that the sport should be available to anyone interested in playing it and he continues to strive for ways to reduce its costs as a means to eliminate the financial barriers experienced by so many.